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I featured CORSETDESIGN‘s corsets before, but this time I even got the permission to use the corset pictures 🙂

Anyway. I must say that this purple Venus Corset is one of the nicest corsets I’ve ever seen. Do you agree ?


Just a little reminder about the fetish basics. Every girl should have at least one short latex dress. This one in pink latex covering Stella Van Gent ‘s slim body so nicely is from an unknown latex fashion house. I also love the way her legs look in a pair of tight nylon stockings.

Finally managed to get a hold of some more of this picture series featuring the elegant fetish model Stella Van Gent posing as an equestrian domina in a very dirty stable. I noticed by my server stats that the fascination for equestrian domina ‘s and riding fetish stuff such as riding breeches , jodhpurs and riding boots were something that appealed to a lot of people so I look forward to posting some more riding fetish photo galleries in the future. For a closer look at the beautiful model Stella Van Gent, proceed to her site by clicking THIS LINK.

RubberDoll in latex corset

RubberDoll in latex corset

Florida’s own latex queen goes by the name of RubberDoll. She is a real life latex fetishist that lives and breathes wearing nothing but latex. The fact that she is also an attractive woman adds to the thrill of admiring her fetish pictures, and since she doesn’t hesitate doing hardcore stuff like dildo penetration, it gets even merrier. Click THIS LINK for a free RubberDoll image gallery.

Angela Ryan in corset and panties

Angela Ryan in corset and panties

Dallas Texas based fetish model Angela Ryan has been seen in many of the world’s leading fetish publications. Her personal site gives you a small free sample of her work as well as offer you the option of a full membership . Angela is a slim redhead with a rockabilly haircut that poses in corsets and classic lingerie. So if that’s your fetish then you really should check out her pics.

Tightlacing Lacie in red corset

This is one paysite that I would consider joining If you are a real tightlacing enthusiast then this site is for you. Lacie from Germany is one of the few models that really go all the way when it comes to waist reduction. This is a woman that knows her corsets. All the corset models she chooses seems to be of the longline variety, no doubt specially designed to fit her specific needs.

Bernie Dexter is a tiny lady and a  “Cheesecake & Pinup Model” (her words, not mine) that has the post-war look down perfectly. Instead of taking the route of building a paysite, this petite lady has a webshop selling vintage style lingerie, old fashioned rockabilly dresses and other essential old fashioned stuff . Very appealing photos if you are into the innocent Betty Page look, and a very cool way of making money from modelling.

As most cunning women know, a corset is an instant shortcut to sex appeal. Most of the celebrities listed in this gallery know about the power of corsets as well, or at least their stylists do. The famous women listed in this gallery are but a few of the women in the limelight that wear corsets on a more or less regular basis.

Salma Hayek wore a couple of nice corsets of an old fashioned variety in the awful movie Wild Wild West.

Beyonce has been known to wear corsets on a number of occasions, in the image shown here she is wearing a white riding corset style from a printed fabric.

Christina Aguilera always wears raunchy clothing, the plain black or dark blue satin corset she is wearing in this picture is one of the more modest outfits she’s ever worn.

Kate Beckinsale has been seen wearing romantic corsets in photoshoots, as well as some fantasy custom corset designs in the vampire niche movies she’s been doing lately.

Kylie Minogue is a fashionable woman that always appear in celebrity corset pictures. Here shown wearing a vintage style stem-waisted corset that goes low over the hips.

Nicole Kidman looks good in her black strapless Sweetheart corset with garters. Too bad about the stockings though. They look more like the kind of nylon stay-ups stocking you get in a modern day lingerie store, than the silk stockings you’d expect of the circa 1880 Paris depicted in the Moulin Rouge movie.

Fetish art froM Hajime Sorayama

Fetish art from Hajime Sorayama

This is a perfect example of the fetish art of Hajime Sorayama. The tall teutonic (?) überbabe shown in the drawing has the attitude of a female supremacist combined with a loving smile. She looks very appealing in her black cupless bra, pvc (?) cincher, fishnet stockings and ankle boots with hight heels. Mr Sorayama is mainly known for his erotic robots that have been very popular among technosexuals worldwide, but judging from the femdom pic posted above he should also be known as the Tom of Finland of dominant women. I am looking forward to checking out more of Mr Sorayama’s work, I’ll start with his own website.

Eden corset goddess

Eden corset goddess

Not only has she got the iconic beauty usually related to silent movie stars from the twenties. Her portfolio seems to almost exclusively feature corset pictures, vintage lingerie, stockings, artful nudity. It’s all classic pinup pornography without ever losing touch with what’s tasteful. A limited selection of pictures are available on her site, but ye who seek shall find more…

Bloody Cherry corset model

Bloody Cherry corset model

Her little modelling site might be tiny, but what the portfolio is lacking in quantity, she makes up for in looks and professionalism. Just take the picture above as an example. Dark moody lighting, perfect haircut, lovely mesh bra, tighly laced waist cincher from unknown maker with at least 6 garters and classical nylon stockings. See more of this french (?) beauty at her site Bloody-Cherry , I expect we will see a lot more of her in the future.

Just stumbled across this picture of elegant glamour fetish diva Stella Van Gent wearing a red and black corset while treating a young man like a dog. Lucky submissive guy. See more of this image gallery HERE or visit Stella Van Gent ‘s site here.

I just had to share this amazing picture that I accidentally (well, more or less) stumbled across while surfing the Flickr vaults. Not only does it show my two favourite corset pinups, Masuimi Max and Emily Marilyn, they both show off their boobs AND their pussies. So it’s a pussy shot of these two women together… I guess somebody’s wildest dreams just came true. Fans might want to take note of this little tidbit of information: whereas Emily seems to prefer a perfectly shaven snatch, Masuimi instead sports a tiny little strip of pussy fur. The corsets are very nice. Masuimi’s elegant red brocade underbust corset goes well in the pic with Emily’s more trashy corset with open bust bra, separate garter belt and split crotch panties. Masuimi’s attitude in this pic is just perfect. Looks like she’s telling off someone for being a very naughty boy.

I managed to locate this “blast from the past” for fetishists on youtube, where it goes under the name “Annette Funicello In Sweet Baby-Doll SiLk Pajamas”. It’s a little number featuring a number of early sixties starlets scantily clad in lingerie. The main character wears a pink little babydoll with cone shaped breasts, another lady in the room is wearing a lovely nightie / peignoir combination from yellow nylon. I know for a fact that many crossdressers are into this kind of vintage nightwear, and I sincerely hope that many more females adapt this style.  Let’s bring the fifties / early sixties back, when women were ultra feminine and milkfed, with all the right curves in the right places.

Pics of Darenzia wearing corsets

Pics of Darenzia wearing corsets

Renowned fetish photographer Christine Kessler has a fetish site named My Fetish Diary . In it you will find thousands upon thousands of top fetish pictures featuring fetish divas such as Aria Giovanni, Bridgett Harrington, Darenzia, Dita von Teese, Emily Marilyn, Jewell Marceau, Masuimi Max, Mistress Persephone, Rubberdoll, Tall Goddess and many many more.

Many of these ladies will be wearing corsets, others latex wear from the biggest latex fashion houses. CLICK HERE for a look at the site.

This gallery featuring retro burlesque pin-up Carla from Pin-up WOW! is a pan-fetishists dream. She poses very nicely, starting off with the “Venus in Furs” style, wearing a mink stole over her shoulders, lovely pink lace lingerie with red ribbons , white stockings with seams and a fantastic cupless corset of pink patent leather.. Unfortunately she combines all of this goodness with a pair of cheap looking high heel shoes in silver, but the general appearance is sensational in any case. You can find more pics of Carla and other models wearing nothing but vintage lingerie and corsets at this very nice adult site .

The number of DIY instruction videos available on youtube is amazing. Here’s one detailing how to lace yourself into a corset. The fact that the tightlacer is a male should in this day and age not raise any eyebrows. A corset is a functional item that gives backsupport and posture. Although male corset wearing can by some be regarded as a “gay” thing, it’s really a pastime that can be enjoyed by straights, gays and queer alike.

This unknown singer is wearing what appears to be a black patent leather Collette Corset design  with frills from Stormy leather. Looking great accessorized with tight black spandex pants and knee high leather boots. I don’t know who the singer is and I really don’t care. But if any reader could direct me towards a video of her performance,  then here’s a corset lover that would be very thankful

blue latex babydoll

I dont know who makes this cute little blue latex babydoll with press-studs  down the front, but I love it ! The pigtailed girl with pouting lips is an added bonus. So cute …

This ankle length ladies overcoat is the perfect thing to wear over your fetish outfit while on the way to the fetish party. The thing about this double buttoned strict raincoat, apart from the fact that it looks great, is that it’s made of 0,7 mm thick lovely white latex ! As soon as I have 950 Euros to spend (that’s more than 1600 US dollars) I’ll be ordering one from the amazing Rimo Mode webshop. They seem to be the ultimate destination for the raincoat, mac and Klepper fetishists of the world, and their range of kinky wear just grows and grows. They’ve been starting to market some strict looking governess type blouses lately, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Check out the Rimo Mode site HERE.

Painfully cute and oh so lovely fetish model Ancilla Tilia is shown during some photoshoots. See her wearing a red latex dress and being tied down with bondage ropes wearing a french maid’s outfit with corset. There’s quite a long interview with Ancilla as well, but unless you know dutch you probably won’t get a word of it.

Not only is Cathie Jung one of the world’s most famous tightlacers, at the honourable age of 71, she is still an attractive woman. With her 15 inch (39 centimeter) waist she holds the current Guiness world record for the most heavily laced woman.  Cathie has been wearing corsets around the clock since 1983, and we hope she will continue to do so. A living testament to the fact that corset training actually works.

Vanessa Upton’s beautiful face and busty looks is bound to be recognized by many lovers of latex, corsets and fetish pinups. This 29 year old and 175 cm tall beautiful british brunette has been doing modelling for Marquis, Skin Two, FHM and many many more fetish houses and producers since the beginning of this decade.  She is most famous in the UK but might be a new face for fetishists of other nations.  For some strange reason she does not seem to have an official paysite, which I assume is a mistake. A site like that would make a fair amount of membership sales on brand name only.  A site that claims to be her official site is available here and they offer some content zips for free. However, the only items they sell are signed artworks and used stockings.

Vanessa Upton wearing military corset

Vanessa Upton wearing military corset

Content producers, fetish fashion manufacturers and similar companies really should hire Vanessa for more photo shoots. Her Onemodelplace profile is here. You’d make a lot of people very happy.

See this naughty YouTube clip of Vanessa Upton wearing nothing but blue body paint doing her part as superhero Sarah in Francis Lee’s “Tales of midnight”.

If you want to see more of Vanessa Upton, check out the two image galleries of her old pictures that are available here .

Sometimes when the passion is bigger than the budget, you might want to go for cheaper brands or no name items of latex fashion.   Even though some  people that are into latex would commit crimes for a nice House of Harlot or a Demask item, the more law abiding fetishist will have to make do with what he / she can afford. As a public service, here are some budget sources of latex clothing:

The official Westward Bound latex shop on Ebay.  Latex blouses for 80 US, a black catsuit for 190.  Not bad.

Svetas World of Latex mainly sell items from Latexa. The ruffled governess blouse in black latex and the wide skirt with pop buttons up the front is classic domina wear that’s been around forever.  Very nice basic stuff.

Blackstyle in Berlin have a nice selection of basic latex wear for men and women. Some basic tops and dresses starting at approx. 80 Euro.

Even though she isn’t a real tightlacer, Madonna has been known to lace herself into corsets many times during her career. Many people still remember her Gaultier corset with cone shaped cups from about…. 20 years ago. Although Madonna doesn’t quite have the impact she once had, she still knows the power of the corset. In the gallery above you will find at least 2 recent pictures of Madonna wearing a corset. Check out the little blue satin cincher / corset as well as the black little leather corset worn together with a tight white blouse with puffed sleeves. Madonna still knows how to pull off being sexy, that’s for certain.

There’s something about babydoll dresses that is so appealing. It’s just something about the way they cling tightly around the breasts before it falls away from the body like some kind of wonderful sexy flower… did that sound weird… hard to describe the appeal I know. All I do know is that a latex babydoll is one of the sexiest fetish items known to man. Here are some examples:

This red latex halterneck babydoll looks like it’s buttoned around the neck. I don’t know who made it but I assume it’s from Marquis. I used to know the name of the fetish model posing so nicely in this piece, but I have forgotten all about it now. Any of you know the name of this stunning UK (?) model ?  EDIT: Of course it’s Vanessa Upton

To be continued…

The lovely Miss Conduct posing in a corset

The lovely Miss Conduct posing in a corset

Here’s a lovely pic of “Miss Conduct” wearing a cream coloured (?) silk or satin plunge corset. Click the pic or follow THIS LINK to see a full gallery from this gothic redhead, that shows her doing her posing, first with a corset, and then without… She’s got some lovely tattoos as well, and that particular haircut is a personal fetish.

Yet another great pic of tall and beautiful fetish goddess and corset pinup Emily Marilyn. I don’t know who makes her black silk over red fabric corset, but it’s quite nice and most definitely a classic.
See more of Emily Marilyn by CLICKING THIS LINK

I feel that I have reached the end of my search. No need to pay 500+ euro for a no-name latex dirndl when I can get a genuine item from the latex fashion house Marquis for a bit less. Now look at the outfit :

I love the stockings.  I could either get these stockings or buy an even nicer pair from Simon O. The short ruffled skirt is fabulous. The ruffled bodice, the puffed sleeves with little dots are just too cute. The piece de la resistance are the short red latex gloves. It’s just too nice, and at 399 euro it’s a steal.  Get it from Marquis

Visit LatexDirndls site

Visit LatexDirndl's site

Tina from Berlin had a fantasy about getting herself a dirndl made from latex. It took her five years, but now she has one.  She also built  a nice non-commercial site telling us about her fetish and her outfits. How utterly lovely of her ! The dirndl, a lovely blue number with a black apron and a black choker necklace, can be seen by clicking GALERIE, then by choosing MEINE GALERIE.