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Bernie Dexter is a tiny lady and a  “Cheesecake & Pinup Model” (her words, not mine) that has the post-war look down perfectly. Instead of taking the route of building a paysite, this petite lady has a webshop selling vintage style lingerie, old fashioned rockabilly dresses and other essential old fashioned stuff . Very appealing photos if you are into the innocent Betty Page look, and a very cool way of making money from modelling.

Eden corset goddess

Eden corset goddess

Not only has she got the iconic beauty usually related to silent movie stars from the twenties. Her portfolio seems to almost exclusively feature corset pictures, vintage lingerie, stockings, artful nudity. It’s all classic pinup pornography without ever losing touch with what’s tasteful. A limited selection of pictures are available on her site, but ye who seek shall find more…

I managed to locate this “blast from the past” for fetishists on youtube, where it goes under the name “Annette Funicello In Sweet Baby-Doll SiLk Pajamas”. It’s a little number featuring a number of early sixties starlets scantily clad in lingerie. The main character wears a pink little babydoll with cone shaped breasts, another lady in the room is wearing a lovely nightie / peignoir combination from yellow nylon. I know for a fact that many crossdressers are into this kind of vintage nightwear, and I sincerely hope that many more females adapt this style.  Let’s bring the fifties / early sixties back, when women were ultra feminine and milkfed, with all the right curves in the right places.