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Tightlacing Lacie in red corset

This is one paysite that I would consider joining If you are a real tightlacing enthusiast then this site is for you. Lacie from Germany is one of the few models that really go all the way when it comes to waist reduction. This is a woman that knows her corsets. All the corset models she chooses seems to be of the longline variety, no doubt specially designed to fit her specific needs.


I’ve had my thoughts about getting myself a latex dirndl. A dirndl is a traditional female outfit originating in Germany. The fact that it’s part of the German heritage makes it all the more appealing, since Germany is such a kinky and sexual place. It’s a very feminine outfit combining long flowing skirts with a corset-like bodice part and some cleavage. I’ve been thinking about finding one in latex, to maximize the raunchyness of the whole thing.

Here’s one I found:

This was linked to from some kind of ugly looking webshop I found at this link . Even though the item is quite nice, I feel that 548 Euro is much too steep for a non-brand item. Love the red patent leather boots though. Must get myself a pair of those.

Lady Jane corset domina

Lady Jane corset domina

Not only is Lady Jane a television and radio personality, she is also an author, a domina, a singer and corset model. Famous for her narrow waist and her pleasant personality, Lady Jane is probably the most well known corset wearer in her native Germany. Her website features approximately 18.000 videos and pictures of her sweet self. And it’s not softcore either, it leans heavily into spanking, femdom, bondage and other interesting games. For a hardcore corset experience, you should check out LadyJane’s site now. It’s bilingual in German and English so fewer people will feel excluded. Ain’t that grand !