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Not only is Cathie Jung one of the world’s most famous tightlacers, at the honourable age of 71, she is still an attractive woman. With her 15 inch (39 centimeter) waist she holds the current Guiness world record for the most heavily laced woman.  Cathie has been wearing corsets around the clock since 1983, and we hope she will continue to do so. A living testament to the fact that corset training actually works.


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  1. I’ve just watched this 5 minute 43 seconds of Video of Cathie Jung on this site and would like to say that I find Cathie’s figure-divine. I have followed this style of Ladies shape since I was-devastated by it at the age of 13 [in 1956.] I am of course-most unusual in following this Fashion-in this “modern” World, which is now-without shape, discretion, appreciation of value, propriety or honour, or-any sense-whatsoever, so far as I can see. The Ladies “Hourglass” Fashions are of course-the-only ones that can exemplify and personify [in mere visual form] what Ladies are-anyway-that is-the better and the-beautiful gender. I have e-mailed Cathie on a few occasions and she has always answered the e-mails that I have sent her, answering personally their contents. The-reasons for the disappearance of “Hourglass” Fashions from our World from say-just after the start of the 20th Century are incomprehensible to me, but may be something to do with the lack of appreciation of them by those-incapable of the manhood-to so-appreciate them!! IF-this-is the case then it may be said to be sad indeed!! Around 1950+ there were of course such as Hartnell, Dior and Amies who brought the Fashions well to the fore again but, alas, the ancient traditions of the Royal Courts, as leaders in Fashion were not then taken up by the ones-then in existence. This Historic role of so-representing them as it-had, over the preceding Centuries-thus ending there. The deterioration of the World-generally, since after around 1900 was therefore completed!! yours Sincerely, William Collins [England]

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