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Sometimes when the passion is bigger than the budget, you might want to go for cheaper brands or no name items of latex fashion.   Even though some  people that are into latex would commit crimes for a nice House of Harlot or a Demask item, the more law abiding fetishist will have to make do with what he / she can afford. As a public service, here are some budget sources of latex clothing:

The official Westward Bound latex shop on Ebay.  Latex blouses for 80 US, a black catsuit for 190.  Not bad.

Svetas World of Latex mainly sell items from Latexa. The ruffled governess blouse in black latex and the wide skirt with pop buttons up the front is classic domina wear that’s been around forever.  Very nice basic stuff.

Blackstyle in Berlin have a nice selection of basic latex wear for men and women. Some basic tops and dresses starting at approx. 80 Euro.


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