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As most cunning women know, a corset is an instant shortcut to sex appeal. Most of the celebrities listed in this gallery know about the power of corsets as well, or at least their stylists do. The famous women listed in this gallery are but a few of the women in the limelight that wear corsets on a more or less regular basis.

Salma Hayek wore a couple of nice corsets of an old fashioned variety in the awful movie Wild Wild West.

Beyonce has been known to wear corsets on a number of occasions, in the image shown here she is wearing a white riding corset style from a printed fabric.

Christina Aguilera always wears raunchy clothing, the plain black or dark blue satin corset she is wearing in this picture is one of the more modest outfits she’s ever worn.

Kate Beckinsale has been seen wearing romantic corsets in photoshoots, as well as some fantasy custom corset designs in the vampire niche movies she’s been doing lately.

Kylie Minogue is a fashionable woman that always appear in celebrity corset pictures. Here shown wearing a vintage style stem-waisted corset that goes low over the hips.

Nicole Kidman looks good in her black strapless Sweetheart corset with garters. Too bad about the stockings though. They look more like the kind of nylon stay-ups stocking you get in a modern day lingerie store, than the silk stockings you’d expect of the circa 1880 Paris depicted in the Moulin Rouge movie.


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