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This unknown singer is wearing what appears to be a black patent leather Collette Corset design¬† with frills from Stormy leather. Looking great accessorized with tight black spandex pants and knee high leather boots. I don’t know who the singer is and I really don’t care. But if any reader could direct me towards a video of her performance,¬† then here’s a corset lover that would be very thankful

The lovely Miss Conduct posing in a corset

The lovely Miss Conduct posing in a corset

Here’s a lovely pic of “Miss Conduct” wearing a cream coloured (?) silk or satin plunge corset. Click the pic or follow THIS LINK to see a full gallery from this gothic redhead, that shows her doing her posing, first with a corset, and then without… She’s got some lovely tattoos as well, and that particular haircut is a personal fetish.