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Vanessa Upton’s beautiful face and busty looks is bound to be recognized by many lovers of latex, corsets and fetish pinups. This 29 year old and 175 cm tall beautiful british brunette has been doing modelling for Marquis, Skin Two, FHM and many many more fetish houses and producers since the beginning of this decade.  She is most famous in the UK but might be a new face for fetishists of other nations.  For some strange reason she does not seem to have an official paysite, which I assume is a mistake. A site like that would make a fair amount of membership sales on brand name only.  A site that claims to be her official site is available here and they offer some content zips for free. However, the only items they sell are signed artworks and used stockings.

Vanessa Upton wearing military corset

Vanessa Upton wearing military corset

Content producers, fetish fashion manufacturers and similar companies really should hire Vanessa for more photo shoots. Her Onemodelplace profile is here. You’d make a lot of people very happy.

See this naughty YouTube clip of Vanessa Upton wearing nothing but blue body paint doing her part as superhero Sarah in Francis Lee’s “Tales of midnight”.

If you want to see more of Vanessa Upton, check out the two image galleries of her old pictures that are available here .



  1. You are absolutely right, she is a gorgeous model/performer and is highly underrated for some reason. It is a mystery to me why she isn’t working on a better internet presentation(or maybe she is?) to keep her fans happy and introduce herself to a wider audience.

  2. Hi all, I am her #1 fan(well in Croydon anyway!) I twice photographed vanessa upton in 2006 and again in 2007, She is fantastic to work with and very very dedicated to her work. I to have wondered why she’s not more famous that she is, but the flipside is Photographers like myself would have never been able to get near her.
    Vanessa has had many ‘failed’ websites due to money problems or dodgy website designers not doing the job right n whatnot.
    I believe she is now a part of ‘, although i’ve only seen the one set so far, her current website is a bit weird as you cant seem to get any images of her whatsoever…..maybe that is heading the same way!?, Vanessa was temporarily part of for a while, but since then…i dont know.

  3. Vanessa features in her first pop video along side Elena Josepha for Fundo’s ‘Girl On Girl’ out on Kontrol Records Feb 23rd.

    Check out

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