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Just a little reminder about the fetish basics. Every girl should have at least one short latex dress. This one in pink latex covering Stella Van Gent ‘s slim body so nicely is from an unknown latex fashion house. I also love the way her legs look in a pair of tight nylon stockings.


Finally managed to get a hold of some more of this picture series featuring the elegant fetish model Stella Van Gent posing as an equestrian domina in a very dirty stable. I noticed by my server stats that the fascination for equestrian domina ‘s and riding fetish stuff such as riding breeches , jodhpurs and riding boots were something that appealed to a lot of people so I look forward to posting some more riding fetish photo galleries in the future. For a closer look at the beautiful model Stella Van Gent, proceed to her site by clicking THIS LINK.

Lovely and classy fetish model Stella van Gent reminding us how nice it is with equestrian wear. Very few items of clothing are so flattering to a firm derriere than a pair of jodhpurs ( riding breeches) preferably worn together with riding boots and a strict white blouse. This riding fetish thing comes very naturally for me. And when there’s no pony around, use a human being…