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I featured CORSETDESIGN‘s corsets before, but this time I even got the permission to use the corset pictures 🙂

Anyway. I must say that this purple Venus Corset is one of the nicest corsets I’ve ever seen. Do you agree ?

Eden corset goddess

Eden corset goddess

Not only has she got the iconic beauty usually related to silent movie stars from the twenties. Her portfolio seems to almost exclusively feature corset pictures, vintage lingerie, stockings, artful nudity. It’s all classic pinup pornography without ever losing touch with what’s tasteful. A limited selection of pictures are available on her site, but ye who seek shall find more…

Painfully cute and oh so lovely fetish model Ancilla Tilia is shown during some photoshoots. See her wearing a red latex dress and being tied down with bondage ropes wearing a french maid’s outfit with corset. There’s quite a long interview with Ancilla as well, but unless you know dutch you probably won’t get a word of it.

Yet another great pic of tall and beautiful fetish goddess and corset pinup Emily Marilyn. I don’t know who makes her black silk over red fabric corset, but it’s quite nice and most definitely a classic.
See more of Emily Marilyn by CLICKING THIS LINK

The young corset pinup Leenah is from France. She apparently enjoys showing off herself wearing romantic corsets. I would like to give my highest praise to Leenah for making corset fetishists worldwide very happy.  Her site is all in french, but it doesn’t really matter. The pictures speak an international language.

riding corset corsetdesign

riding corset corsetdesign

Wonderful riding corset / riding cincher from the Corset Design site. I love the strict, almost governess style look that can be attained by something as simple as combining a corset with a tight white blouse and a tie. Love the model’s attitude as well. Good example of a corset that can be used for both old fashioned tightlacing as well as a modern fetish corset.

This lovely  overbust corset I spotted  on corsetted_girl ‘s flickr page.  Don’t know who the maker is, but according to info on the page it reduces this beautiful young Austrian’s waist to a slim 21 inches. The pictures are a good reminder that even slim women look very good wearing corsets.