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Finally managed to get a hold of some more of this picture series featuring the elegant fetish model Stella Van Gent posing as an equestrian domina in a very dirty stable. I noticed by my server stats that the fascination for equestrian domina ‘s and riding fetish stuff such as riding breeches , jodhpurs and riding boots were something that appealed to a lot of people so I look forward to posting some more riding fetish photo galleries in the future. For a closer look at the beautiful model Stella Van Gent, proceed to her site by clicking THIS LINK.

Lady Jane corset domina

Lady Jane corset domina

Not only is Lady Jane a television and radio personality, she is also an author, a domina, a singer and corset model. Famous for her narrow waist and her pleasant personality, Lady Jane is probably the most well known corset wearer in her native Germany. Her website features approximately 18.000 videos and pictures of her sweet self. And it’s not softcore either, it leans heavily into spanking, femdom, bondage and other interesting games. For a hardcore corset experience, you should check out LadyJane’s site now. It’s bilingual in German and English so fewer people will feel excluded. Ain’t that grand !