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blue latex babydoll

I dont know who makes this cute little blue latex babydoll with press-studs¬† down the front, but I love it ! The pigtailed girl with pouting lips is an added bonus. So cute …


There’s something about babydoll dresses that is so appealing. It’s just something about the way they cling tightly around the breasts before it falls away from the body like some kind of wonderful sexy flower… did that sound weird… hard to describe the appeal I know. All I do know is that a latex babydoll is one of the sexiest fetish items known to man. Here are some examples:

This red latex halterneck babydoll looks like it’s buttoned around the neck. I don’t know who made it but I assume it’s from Marquis. I used to know the name of the fetish model posing so nicely in this piece, but I have forgotten all about it now. Any of you know the name of this stunning UK (?) model ?¬† EDIT: Of course it’s Vanessa Upton

To be continued…