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I’ve had my thoughts about getting myself a latex dirndl. A dirndl is a traditional female outfit originating in Germany. The fact that it’s part of the German heritage makes it all the more appealing, since Germany is such a kinky and sexual place. It’s a very feminine outfit combining long flowing skirts with a corset-like bodice part and some cleavage. I’ve been thinking about finding one in latex, to maximize the raunchyness of the whole thing.

Here’s one I found:

This was linked to from some kind of ugly looking webshop I found at this link . Even though the item is quite nice, I feel that 548 Euro is much too steep for a non-brand item. Love the red patent leather boots though. Must get myself a pair of those.



  1. You can take a look at more “art-like” and more high-res pictures taken during the photoshoot for the catalog at

    The models are Mandy, Annett and Paulina, so there are also a range of other items to watch out for.

    The manufacturer of this dirdl is Latex Atelier Stritz, who operate their own online shop at

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