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Cafe maids in Tokyo

Cafe maids in Tokyo

Don’t know how to explain this without sounding too “wapanese”, but the Japanese people have got some really cool fetishes that people in the west have a very hard time emulating. One of these fetishes are the cosplay maid outfits. These were items popularized by mangas  and a maid cafe industry. The Japanese porn industry produce a nice amount of maid porn as well, so maid fetishists are well supplied with media to tickle their sensations.  I guess the thrill of a maid’s outfit is the hint of servitude that is implied. It’s any submissive girls dream. Yet in the west it’s very difficult to purchase the right kind of outfits, and unless you’re a dress size 0, importing a maid’s dress that would fit you could be difficult.

Japanese maid fetishists don’t seem to have the same problems, as you can see by this picture from a japanese sex-shop

Fetish maid dress shop

Fetish maid dress shop

See those prices… 5000 yen, that’s less than 50 U.S. dollars, or 30 Euro. Amazingly cheap for a maid dress.


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